SHADES & COLOR is an ambitiously fresh collaboration making its way into the art scene. This platform operates as a medium to bring BIPOC artists and curators to a wider public audience. We work to uplift, amplify, and bring BIPOC innovation to the forefront of the entertainment and art world.

Originally founded by Elyana Riddick, Zoe McKey, and Chloe Walker, SHADES & COLOR was (in all honesty) a way to avoid desk jobs and the boring antics of life for the three. It started with a few text messages between the high school besties, and on January 9, 2021, SHADES & COLOR was born.

We have so much to bring, and we are brining more and more to the table as we grow. We thank you for joining us on this journey. We we are so excited to be bringing SHADES & COLOR to life!

Elyana Riddick

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