For the Month of March:


(Founder of iconografi and Accessory Tastemaker)

Written by: Elyana Riddick || Date: February 13, 2021

Art is such a versatile and fun product of talent and intelligence. It’s not a monolith—it doesn’t matter if you’re Vincent Van Gogh or an artist fresh to the scene--the work you put forward is art! Beautiful, unique, art. It’s always fun to be able to redefine my expectations of art, which is why it was very fun to be able to meet K.

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K’s art is accessory. While scrolling through her Twitter page, you can find all sorts of pieces, from jewelry to bags to sunglasses and then some. Her start came from an inspiration by her love for video games and anime. When she was younger, her Grandma bought her a Gameboy Advance. Through that, she became entangled in the video game and anime scenes, often using the two as an escape while simultaneously connecting back to her own reality.

In correspondence with her love of anime and video games, younger K dreamed of growing up to become an artist. She was infatuated with drawing, point and shoot photography, graphic design, and visual art. As her art grew, so did her passion for exposing it. She took to creating an Etsy shop featuring her work. Things were fine, but as schoolwork added heavy pressure to her life, she would temporarily step away from her shop although it never left her mind. Her passion didn’t stop though. She knew that her passion for art drew from the same ideas conveyed in her video games and anime: she wanted to bridge the fantasy with reality, combining the artistic world with the world of fandom. With this in mind after college, K revisited her Etsy shop.

K is popular for her earrings, but her jeweled out journey didn’t begin until a little later in her life. At 19, she got her ears pierced and would from there begin to collect earrings. Her love for the accessories sparked inspiration, and soon after she began researching about creating designs and laser-cutting her work. By October of 2019, iconografi (a play on of the word iconography) was born not only as a way to showcase and distribute her work to the masses, but also as a way to create a place for her art to fit in.

K’s creative process is the definition of iconography—she takes inspiration from video games and anime, and creates pieces and artwork based on that inspiration. When designing, she likes to take a look back at her other pieces, finding creative strengths and thinking about the tools she has to make something spectacular. She takes a look at the rest of the art world, and in return makes something really unique. Finding stencils, designing from scratch, thinking about the geometry of her pieces, and then sketching it all out takes time, but the results are undeniable talent.

K takes her place by making it. Growing up Black and Puerto Rican, she often found herself trying to make a place for her identity in a too often exclusionary world of video games and anime. She would never let her identity stop her from pursuing her passion: her iconography.

Even with the fear that people might not get her talent or understand her passion, she continues to create beautiful, fantastical, and awe-inspiring work. She defies the monolith, proving that there are and never will be any boundaries to her creations. Through her creations she pins this point: “life should be about self discovery and finding enjoyment that can be shared. Don’t get in the way of your own success.” That, as well as support others—take the time to support small business, friends, and family so that the whole community can grow.

K’s advice for the up-and-coming BIPOC artists: you can do it! Evaluate what you want to get out of your passion and the steps you’re going to take to achieve your success. Find that support, and always be supportive of yourself. Ask for help, get yourself together, be your best friend, and nothing will stand in your way!

K is an amazingly creative artist who brings a unique talent to art sphere--one that I cannot get enough of. With her enthusiasm and remarkable character, it was no trouble at all to make her this month's Founder's Pick. Congratulations, K!

You can check out K’s work in iconographi by visiting and following her on Twitter. Use code SHADES&COLOR for 15% off your next purchase at! Thanks so much for your time, K! I really am inspired by you!